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Actsafe Newsletter: September 2013
In this issue: •Texting & Driving Documentary: “It Can Wait: From One Second to the Next” •Working Alone or in Isolation Checklist •October is Healthy Workplace Month •CITT Rendezvous 2013 •Cough & sneeze etiquette Source :
BECTU Website is good Safety Resorce for the UK and others
BECTU - Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph Theatre Union - a organization that serves many purposes for the technicians in the UK provides numerous links to safety-related documents that can be helpful no matter where you are on the planet. They have links to the Creative Industries Safety Passport program, Training information, Health & Safety Craft Cards, and an incident reporting form for accidents and near-misses. Although the incident reporting form is meant for use by the UK's Theatre Safety Committee, it can be used by anyone trying to organize accident information for their...
ESA and TAKE1 Insurance host webinar on Live Event Safety
September 16, 2013 — Asserting that the live event production industry can no longer take a passive approach to life safety, Take1 Insurance, the leading insurance provider to the entertainment industry, today announced that it was teaming up with the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) to host the industry’s first webinar focused on producing safer live events. According to Scott Carroll, Executive Vice President and Program Director of Take1 Insurance, the precedent-setting webinar will take place on b>Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 2 p.m EST and is open to anyone involved in the business...
Equity Actors Association in the UK provides Safety Resources
All Equity Organisers, together with Musician Union Officials, are roving Health and Safety Inspectors under UK Health and Safety legislation, and as such, have automatic right-of-access to any workplace where there is a health and safety issue. Cette organisme donne accès à des publications en santé et sécurité du travail. Source :
Exposition aux dispositifs d'éclairage scénique : risque pour la santé des professionnels du spectacle vivant ou enregistré
La directive européenne 2006/25/CE, relative à l'exposition des travailleurs aux rayonnements optiques, prévoit l'évaluation des risques des situations de travail. Elle est particulièrement importante dans l'industrie des arts du spectacle où des expositions intentionnelles à des projecteurs peuvent être exigées pendant des périodes de l'ordre de 8 heures par jour. L'objectif de la présente étude était de fournir aux éclairagistes des informations, relatives aux risques associés...
Film crew member injured on electrical platform
2013-08-19 - (Canadian OH&S News) A man working on a film suffered an electrical shock and was sent to the hospital on Aug. 6, after getting trapped on an electrical platform at a Calgary construction site. According to a press statement from the Calgary Fire Department, the crew was shooting a video when two workers became trapped on a platform three storeys above the ground. “Apparently, the three men were part of a film crew who were working on a time-lapse video of a construction site adjacent to the platform and were unaware of the electrical hazard,” the press release read...
Actsafe Newsletter: August 2013
IN THIS ISSUE : Distracted driving dangers! Working Alone video Actsafe summer outreach update AND MORE! Source :
New Working Alone video!
If you’ve been reading the Actsafe Newsletter recently, you may have noticed that we’ve run a few pieces on workers working alone or in isolation. It’s something that’s common in both film and performing arts and can have serious consequences if a worker becomes sick or injured and there’s no one available to check in on them. To help address the issue, we’ve produced a five minute video on Working Alone. Source :
Wind Gust Topples Stage Canopy in Shelby North Carolina
2013-08-10 - Preparations for an evening concert were disrupted at the end of the sound check for one of the bands as a wind gust from an approaching storm blew the overhead lighting and canopy support trusses over. A band member from The After had just stepped off of the stage when the structure toppled. The show was set-up at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds near Shelby, North Carolina. Source :
Violinist Dies After Fall Into Orchestra Lift Machinery Pit
2013-07-16 - Moscow, Russia - A 40 year veteran of the Bolshoi Theatre died Wednesday at a Moscow hospital as a result of injuries sustained from a fall into the machinery pit of the Orchestra Lift. Violinist Viktor Sedov, 65, was found lying on the pit floor about 2:30PM Tuesday when a theatre employee making a routine fire safety round found Sedov lying unconscious on the pit's concrete floor. He was taken to the Sklifosovsky Hospital where he passed away the following day. Source :
Electrical safety - inflatable blower fans
Measures to help maintain the electrical safety and integrity of mains voltage powered fan blowers (imported from China) which could be use in wet conditions for inflating play equipment or advertising inflatables. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have become aware of an electrical safety issue with a particular design of fan blower that has been imported into the UK by a number of suppliers. This type of fan blower is typically used to inflate play equipment (small bouncy castles) and advertising inflatables. Source :
Gut Feeling Can Prevent Accidents
A Pat Benatar benefit concert scheduled for Friday, June 21, 2013 was cancelled at the bequest of her stage crew. Upon arrival to the venue, an outdoor covered arena in Iverness, Florida, the crew was presented with a stage platform that they did not think was robust enough for the show. Rather than risk the potential for a structural collapse, they requested that the promoter have the stage structure inspected and reinforced. A local engineer was brought-in to certify the stage, but the caveats included with the inspection did not satisfy them in time to mount the show. Source : http://theatresafetyblog...
Medical Problems of Performing Artists
L’édition de juin 2013 de la revue MPPA est parue. Elle porte nortamment sur les TMS dans le domaine de la danse, dont la danse sportive et chez les musiciens professionnels dans les orchestres symphoniques. Des revues de littérature sont consacrées aux différentes problématiques affectant ces artistes. Source :
Load-out ends tragically for stage worker in Milan, Italy
June 19, 2:40 AM, Milan, Italy - 34 year-old Egyptian stagehand Farouk Abd Elhamid Khoaled was killed during a load-out accident after the close of the KISS Monster Tour 2013 show at the Forum of Assago arena. Reports vary by translation, but the general consensus was that three workers were operating either a fork lift / boom lift or a freight elevator (language translation web sites don't seem to agree on this) to move some scaffolding and crates to the loading dock. The lift was overloaded and began to oscillate, pitching Farouk into the path of a shifting load where he was crushed. One...
Actsafe, Newsletter, June 2013
Le numéro de juin est disponible, il porte sur différents sujets d'intérêt pour le milieu des arts et du spectacle: politiques en matière de harcèlement au travail , assurance, le publications disponibles, les campagnes de prévention. Source :Newsletter, Vol. 4, no 3, JUne 2013

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