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Guide on Manual Handling Risk Assessment in the Manufacturing Sector
This guide gives direction and practical information to those that work in the manufacturing sector on action that can be taken to manage the potential hazard of manual handling in the workplace. This is necessary in order to work towards preventing musculoskeletal injuries at work and reducing exposure to high financial costs including compensation claims. Source :
Health and safety in surface engineering
Surface engineering refers to a wide range of technologies designed to modify the surface properties of components for decorative and/or functional purposes. The industry has significantly higher accident rates (for fatal, major and 3-day injuries) than manufacturing as a whole. Indeed, whilst accident rates for manufacturing have dropped over the last 6 year period, in Surface Engineering industries they have increased. For example, the major injury rate for surface engineering has increased from 270 (per 100,000 employees) in 1996/7 to 445 in 2002/3 whereas the manufacturing industry rates have...

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