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A meta-analysis of the relationship between ageing and occupational safety and health
Existing studies show contradictory evidence on the relationship between ageing and occupational safety and health (OSH). The present study presents a systematic review of international research on age-related occupational accident risks for the last 30?years using meta-analysis technique. A summary of odds ratios on occupational risk incidence of older workers versus younger workers were grouped by outcome of occupational accidents. Potential moderators that could influence the relationship of ageing and OSH were analysed. Results showed that older workers are more vulnerable than younger workers...
NIOSH Follows Workers as they Age
New Topic Page Promotes Healthy Aging The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently released a new topic page that offers a worker-focused perspective on health and safety and chronic disease issues related to aging. This is one of the first NIOSH topic pages to co-align with the existing Total Worker HealthTM webpage. Employers increasingly see the value that older workers bring to the job, including greater institutional knowledge and wealth of experience, productive work habits, lower stress, and higher likelihood of getting along with their colleagues. Older workers...
Préserver les seniors
Une richesse de l'entreprise Les expériences proposées dans ce guide trouvent leur origine dans une étude commandée par le Conseil d'orientation des Conditions de travail (CoCt) et conduite entre novembre 2010 et janvier 2012 auprès de 13 entreprises de tailles et secteurs d'activités différents. Plus de la moitié de ces entreprises sont situées en Picardie. L'objectif du guide est de présenter aux acteurs des entreprises - Directions, représentants des salariés et préventeurs - des expériences...

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