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NIOSH Alert - Preventing Occupational Respiratory Disease from Exposures caused by Dampness in Office Buildings, Schools and Other Non-Industrial Buildings
Office buildings, schools, and other non-industrial buildings may develop moisture and dampness problems from roof and window leaks, high indoor humidity, and flooding events, among other things. This CDC-NIOSH Alert contains recommendations regarding building design and use. For this Alert, CDC defines "dampness" as the presence of unwanted and excessive moisture in buildings. Research studies have shown that dampness-related exposures from building dampness and mould have been associated with respiratory symptoms, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, rhinosinusitis, bronchitis, and...
First university dedicated to workplace safety opens in B.C. in September
A new university is being launched in British Columbia that will focus solely on education and research around workplace health and safety, return-to-work and disability management, as well as rehabilitation of injured workers. Sources claim this is the world's only university specialized in workplace health sciences. Source :

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