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Strategy of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2015–2020
Vision 2020: Well-being through work Our vision is that work creates well-being at workplaces, at both the individual level, and in society at large. For this reason, FIOH promotes well-being at work, which refers to the capacity and ability of work communities and individuals to operate in various situations as work life changes. This means we can contribute to improving the quality and productivity of work life, as well as to increasing work participation. Source:
Report of the International Evaluation of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
The International Evaluation Group consisted of members representing several academic disciplines, yet sharing experience and a deep understanding of occupational safety and health theory and practice. It performed an expert assessment of the strategy and activities of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), based on a self-evaluation by the Institute, a number of other documents, and interviews with FIOH management and staff, customers and other stakeholders. In relation to policy relevance and results the IEG finds that FIOH's work is consistent with and supports the policies...

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