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Proposed changes made to HSE guidance: Health and Safety in Care Homes HSG 220
This consultation seeks your views on the proposed changes made to HSE's guidance, Health and Safety in Care Homes (HSG 220) which was originally published in 2001. This revised version will continue to provide essential and updated guidance to owners, managers of care homes, as well as to employees and safety representatives to help them understand and meet their duties under health and safety legislation. It describes the main health and safety risks found in care homes, and what should be done to protect both workers and those receiving care. This guidance is an essential one-stop shop where...
A new guideline on handling heavily overweight patients
A new Danish guideline documents that special space is required in order to handle heavily overweight patients / citizens of up to 250 kg. The guideline provides recommendations for space requirements and arrangements in the context of handling or moving heavily overweight people in hospitals and home care. Le texte est en danois, cependant cette publication comprend de nombreux schémas - pourrait servir de référence pour la conception d'un outil similaire. Source :
Ergonomics, staff safety form part of new standard for hospital design
The first standard ever developed in Canada for the design and construction of new hospitals and other medical facilities could mark a major advance in the working conditions of doctors, nurses and support staff. The standard, launched by CSA Standards, is based on the idea that better planning, design and construction can improve safety and care for both patients and hospital staff, and make hospitals more cost effective. The standard covers new hospitals, doctors’ and dentists’ offices and clinics. “Ultimately, bad hospital design can kill,” said Bonnie Rose, president...

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