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Safe Quarry - A Guide for Quarry Workers
Quarries vary greatly from small operations to large pits excavating large amounts of material and include a number of manufacturing plants. Although there are often a greater number of hazards at larger quarries, you may be at more risk at a smaller operation – depending on how well safety, health and welfare matters are controlled at the quarry. Every quarry must have an Operator. The Owner must appoint the Operator of the quarry. At most quarries the Owner is the Operator and is self-appointed. The Operator must be competent and have the necessary resources to operate the quarry. This...
ISO 19434:2017 - Mining - Classification of mine accidents
ISO 19434:2017 establishes a classification of mine accidents by their origin or causes, by the type of accident, and by their results or consequences. The latter includes only the accidents resulting into consequences on people, not equipment or machinery. Different categories of causes, types and consequences of mine accidents are briefly defined, and a 3-digit code is assigned to each category. These can be combined to ultimately allocate a unique 15-digit code to each type of mine accident. This code can then be used in statistical analysis. Similarly, an allocated code clearly shows to which...
Oeuvrer ensemble pour promouvoir un milieu de travail sûr et salubre
La Commission d'experts pour l'application des conventions et recommandations publie une étude d'ensemble sur les instruments de sécurité et de santé au travail relatifs au cadre promotionnel, à la construction, aux mines et à l'agriculture. Après un aperçu du contexte historique et des objectifs des instruments sélectionnés (chapitre I), la présente étude passe en revue les politiques, systèmes et programmes nationaux de SST et met en évidence l'importance capitale des données...
Québec - Modifications au Règlement sur la santé et la sécurité du travail dans les mines
Les modifications suivantes sont en vigueur depuis le 23 juin 2016. Les changements portent sur de nombreux sujets entre autres sur la modification de certaines définitions, les vêtements de sécurité à haute visibilité, la méthode d'échantillonnage et d'analyse des particules diesel et la méthode d'échantillonnage et d'analyse des poussières combustibles respirables. Source:
New Zealand mining disaster: Sweeping away of old laws left industry "in limbo"
New laws to improve worker participation in health and safety matters and toughen up directors' duties should be given early attention, according to an official report into the Pike River mining tragedy in New Zealand two years ago. The Pike River coal mine, which lies on the west coast of the South Island, exploded on 19 November 2010, due to the ignition of a large volume of methane gas. Twenty-nine men underground died immediately, or soon afterwards, either from the blast or from the toxic atmosphere. Over the next nine days the mine exploded three more times before it was sealed. The Royal...

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