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A study of influences of the workers' compensation and injury management regulations on aviation safety at a workplace
As the aviation industries developed, so too did the recognition that there must be an effective regulatory framework to address issues related to the workers' compensation and rehabilitation. All employees would like to work and return home safely from their workplace. Therefore, the efficient management of workplace injury and disease reduces the cost of aviation operations and improves flight safety. Workers' compensation and injury management laws regulate a majority of rehabilitation and compensation issues, but achieving an injury-free workplace remains a major challenge for the regulators...
Model OHS legislation
The Australian Government has identified occupational health and safety (OHS) as a priority area for reform. One of the key elements of the OHS reform agenda is harmonisation – moving towards one set of national OHS laws. The harmonisation of OHS legislation aims to reduce the incidence of workplace death, injury and disease right across Australia. Currently all states and territories are responsible for making and enforcing their own OHS laws. Although these draw on a similar approach for regulating workplaces, there are some differences in the application and detail of the laws. Safe Work...

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