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Financial Incentives of Experience Rating in Workers' Compensation: New Evidence From a Program Change in Ontario, Canada
Objective : To investigate the incentive for primary and secondary prevention associated with experience rating in a retrospective workers' compensation program. Methods : Panel data on 21,558 firms from 1998 to 2007 were used to estimate the relationship between the degree of experience rating and seven measures of workplace occupational health and safety outcomes. We focused on the impact of a policy change in 2004 in which the degree of experience rating was substantially increased for all firms. Results: The 2004 increase in experience rating was associated with a reduction in the total...
An Evaluation of the Impact of the WorkSafeNB Focus Firms Intervention on reported Safety Behaviour and Injury Outcomes
WorkSafe New Brunswick implemented the Focus Firms initiative in 2002 to reduce workplace injuries and build health and safety infrastructure in workplaces with poor safety records. The study evaluated the impact of the Focus Firms Initiative on safety performance at participating firms. Source :

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