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Farm safety report released by Safe Work Australia
The Work-related injuries and fatalities on Australian farms report released by Safe Work Australia today has found one in six workers killed in Australia were working on a farm. The report monitored statistics over an eight year period until 30 June 2011. While only 3 percent of workers are employed in the agriculture sector, on average 44 farm workers are killed each year and another 17 400 suffer a work-related injury. Other key findings from the report include: • Vehicles accounted for nearly three quarters of work-related fatalities on farms. o In the eight years of the study 93 workers...
Injuries in the commercial fishing fleet of Norway 2000–2011
A working fishing vessel at sea is an elaborate collection of interacting accident potentials, barely controlled. Even the deck underfoot betrays the unwary, as can every other aspect of the normal daily grind onboard, as fishers ply their trade in weather foul and fair. All elements of the vessel at sea conspire in making this the most dangerous and difficult of all professional callings, an inexplicable calling where life and limb are continually at risk. This article is based on an examination of reported occupational injuries from the Norwegian fishing fleet from 2000 to 2011. The aim is the...

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