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Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association (JISHA) - Annual Report 2018
JISHA annually publishes "Annual Report" describing the organization and activities of JISHA for overseas occupational safety and health organizations, stakeholders and person concerned. Source:
Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association (JISHA) - Annual Report 2017
JISHA annually publishes "Annual Report" describing the organization and activities of JISHA for overseas occupational safety and health organizations, stakeholders and person concerned. Source:
Textile sector
While recent tragic events in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries brought the spotlight on the ready-made garment (RMG) industry and triggered G7 and G20 support for better safety and working conditions in the sector, health issues are in danger of being overlooked. It is true that efforts at improving structural and fire safety are absolutely necessary. They require relentless and coordinated action between governments, employers, workers, and buyers as key stakeholders. However, safety cannot be the exclusive focus. Attention must also be paid to the prevention of risks to worker's health...
Taiwanese farm workers’ pesticide knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and clothing practices
The purpose of this study was to assess Taiwanese fruit farm workers' knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and clothing practices regarding pesticide activities. Seventy-seven fruit farm workers from four districts of Tainan City, Taiwan completed the questionnaire. Results indicated that farmer workers had a good overall level of knowledge of the adverse effects of pesticides on human health and most had experienced symptoms of pesticide poisoning. Farm workers' attitudes toward pesticide use and handling indicated that they saw pesticides useful in controlling pests. Farm workers indicated...
Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association Annual Report 2013
The number of work-related fatalities in Japan had the tendency to decrease in the long term, owing to the efforts of the concerned parties. However from 2010 to 2012 (last year) it has increased for 3 consecutive years. Thus, the number of casualties including the cases with lost worktime for four and more than four days was 119,576. Besides, the number of fatal accidents was 1,093, a 7% increase compared with the previous year. Source:
The current status and the future of occupational safety and health in Korea
From the 1970s to 2000, the occupational accident rate in Korea showed a continuous decline. However, the rate has remained stagnant since 2000 even when the fatal injury rate has decreased 40% from that year. Injuries caused by being caught in objects have decreased while those caused by slips and falls on same level and falls from the height have increased. In 2010, the non-fatal injury rate per 100 employees was 0.63 while the fatal injury rate per 100,000 employees was 9.74. The construction industry accounted for 40.2% of all fatal injuries, and falls from the height caused 54.3% of the fatality...
Occupational health and safety in the maritime sector
Asian-Pacific Newsletter on Occupational Health & Safety , Volume 18, number 1, September 2011 Source :
Injury and disease reporting systems
Asian-Pacific Newsletter , Volume 17, number 2, September 2010 Source :
New emerging risks
Asian-Pacific Newsletter 3/2009 Source :
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Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association's Annual report and Activities 2008
The Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA), which was established in 1964 under the Industrial Accident Prevention Organizations Act, is a legal entity whose membership consists of employers’ associations. JISHA’s overall objective is to help prevent work-related accidents and injuries and protect the health of workers by promoting safety and health efforts undertaken by employers and employers’ associations, and by offering safety and health guidance and services.
Coopération entre l'UE et la Chine en matière de SST
L'Union européenne et la Chine ont ouvert le 30 janvier dernier un nouveau dialogue pour l'amélioration des conditions de travail et la réduction des accidents et des maladies professionnels. Vladimír Špidla, commissaire européen à l'emploi, aux affaires sociales et à l'égalité des chances, et Song Zhe, ambassadeur de Chine, ont signé à Bruxelles un protocole d'accord sur la santé et la sécurité au travail. Cet accord vise également à diminuer le nombre de morts...
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