CAN/CSA-Z1001-18 - Occupational health and safety training

This Standard specifies requirements for management and administration of OHS training, identification of OHS training needs, and outlines the development, implementation, and maintenance of an OHS training program and courses. It also specifies how to select training providers with the appropriate qualifications and the requirements for the design and delivery of OHS training courses. Informative Annexes provide guidance on how to implement the requirements of this Standard, it includes information on adult education principles (see Annex A), training for new workers (see Annex C), training for supervisors (see Annex D), training for health and safety committees and health and safety representatives (see Annex F). It also provides guidance on high-risk training (see Annex H). Samples of a training needs assessment (see Annex B), supervisor training matrix (see Annex E), training provider evaluation (see Annex G), trainee evaluation forms (Annex I) and training course conformance checklist (see Annex J) are also included that can be customized for the specific needs of the user.


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