An overview of health and safety in the Colorado cannabis industry

Background: Understanding worker health and safety in the rapidly growing legal U.S. cannabis industry is important. Although little published research exists, workers may be exposed to biological, chemical, and physical hazards. This study investigated the Colorado cannabis industry workforce and both physical and psychosocial hazards to worker health and safety.
Methods: Two hundred and fourteen Colorado cannabis workers completed an online survey after in-person and online recruitment. Participants answered questions about their occupation, job tasks, general well-being, occupational health and safety, cannabis use, and tobacco use.
Results: Colorado cannabis workers were generally job secure and valued safety. However, they regularly consumed cannabis, expressed low concerns about workplace hazards, reported some occupational injuries and exposures, and reported inconsistent training practices.
Conclusions: Working in the cannabis industry is associated with positive outcomes for workers and their organizations, but there is an imminent need to establish formal health and safety training to implement best practices.

Source: Walters, K. M., Fisher, G. G. et Tenney, L. (2018). American journal of industrial medicine.

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