International minimum requirements for health protection at the workplace

WHO has already developed several public health standards and guidelines applicable to work settings, such as indoor air quality guidelines, radiation protection standards, international chemical safety cards, and a guide for water safety in public buildings. Other guidance documents are currently being developed including on occupational exposure to nanoparticles, electromagnetic fields, UV and optical radiation and occupational risks in housing.
This report provides an analysis of the current spectrum of global, regional and national norms including conventions, standards, directives, regulations, guides, and codes directly relating to protecting health in the workplace. It identifies gaps in what is currently available and makes recommendations for improvements. Consideration has been given to exposure to hazardous substances, noise and vibration, radiation, musculoskeletal and psychosocial risks, as well as general workplace and welfare issues such as lighting, thermal comfort, drinking water and sanitation, first aid and health surveillance.


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