Indoor workplaces

Recommended procedure for the investigation of working environment
The present report, “Indoor workplaces: Recommended procedure for investigation of the working environment”, now in a third and completely revised edition, is intended to assist in the systematic investigation of health problems and subjective disorders arising at indoor workplaces, and in the identification of practical solutions. It describes a concept, geared to use in the field, for step-by-step identification of the causes, giving
consideration to all essential factors which according to present knowledge must be considered possible causes of problems in indoor areas. Topics covered include health complaints, buildings, facilities, workplace organization, physical, chemical and biological hazards, and mental factors. The individual elements contain a wealth of information for the user which extends beyond investigation in response to complaints. This information is required for a greater understanding of the issues and serves at the same time as a basis for the redesign of workplaces in indoor areas such that they enhance performance and do not give rise to complaints.


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