Agricultural Media Coverage of Farm Safety

Review of the Literature
Agricultural media merit increased attention in addressing dynamic changes in safety aspects of one of the nation's most hazardous industries. Changes in farming, such as larger scale, new “niche” enterprises and new technologies, bring new forms of risk to the safety of those who live and work on farms and ranches. At the same time, traditional agricultural media – commercial firms that publish farm periodicals and commercial radio/television stations and networks that provide farm programming - are changing dramatically. In the face of media convergence, these enterprises provide an increasing menu of agricultural information services delivered by print, radio and television, plus a host of new electronic media. This review of literature addressed the role and importance of commercial agricultural media in the U.S., the scope and pattern of their safety coverage, and the opportunities they represent. The review involved searches of 14 bibliographic databases, as well as reference lists of relevant studies and contacts with farm safety experts. Analysis of 122 documents suggested that limited focus has been directed to the role of commercial agricultural media in safety decisions on U.S. farms. Findings revealed that they continue to serve an efficient, early-stage role in creating awareness and interest, providing information, forming attitudes and stirring consideration of farm safety. Potentials are seen as expanding through the interactive features of social media and other new services offered by these media firms. Findings also identified research needs, 100 farm safety topics for reporting and opportunities for strengthening safety coverage by commercial agricultural media.

Source: Evans J, Heiberger S. J. Agromed, 2015.

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