Report of the International Evaluation of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

The International Evaluation Group consisted of members representing several academic disciplines, yet sharing experience and a deep understanding of occupational safety and health theory and practice. It performed an expert assessment of the strategy and activities of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), based on a self-evaluation by the Institute, a number of other documents, and interviews with FIOH management and staff, customers and other stakeholders.
In relation to policy relevance and results the IEG finds that FIOH's work is consistent with and supports the policies of the Government. FIOH is an important contributor to work-force well-being and national welfare, and it deserves credit for attempts to change the present practice of occupational health services, which limits the effectiveness of the services, especially in prevention.
FIOH provides a broad range of services for workplaces that are highly appreciated by its stakeholders (public and private organisations, collaborating partners, professional associations, ministries, and the Parliament). However, in spite of the existing law and the contract between MSAH and FIOH, its core tasks and priorities are not always clear to all stakeholders.


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