A review of risk factors of accidental slips, trips, and falls among firefighters

This review covers the incidence and financial cost of slips, trips and falls among firefighters. The physical factors that may be related to slip, trip, or fall-related accidents are summarized by their intrinsic (balance, age, experience, muscular strength and fitness, body mass, fatigue) and extrinsic (equipment, reduced vision, surface condition, heat) nature. Much of the evidence relating risk factors to accidental falls in the fire service is weak or anecdotal. There is a need to reduce occupational risk factors leading to slips, trips, and physical injury during firefighting operations given the serious consequences of falls in the fire service. Further study is required to identify critical factors that cause these accidents, develop screening tests, and plan appropriate interventions.

Source : Pui W. Kong, Joe Suyama, David Hostler. Safety Science, Vol. 60, December 2013, p. 203-209. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ssci.2013.07.016.

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