Occupational diseases: European Commission releases comprehensive inventory

The European Commission published a report in early June on occupational diseases (OD) in 29 European countries relative to its 2003 recommendation on OD. The report focuses on a series of aspects: recognition, compensation, prevention, epidemiology, public awareness, statistics, etc. It also analyzes the positions of stakeholders (government, social partners, insurers, etc.) and discusses emerging risks and good prevention practices. The report suggests ways of improving the situation, such as: stepping up the exchange of information and experiences between countries on detection and compensation of OD, better reporting of information to the European Commission on the national lists of OD and national research programmes, better cooperation between the European Commission and different stakeholders (EU-OSHA, EUROSTAT, Eurofound, the Advisory Committee for Safety and Health at Work, etc.), practical measures to be implemented in the Member States to improve the prevention and detection of OD.

Source : http://www.eurogip.fr/images/publications/EU_Report_Occupational_diseases.pdf

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