Load-out ends tragically for stage worker in Milan, Italy

June 19, 2:40 AM, Milan, Italy - 34 year-old Egyptian stagehand Farouk Abd Elhamid Khoaled was killed during a load-out accident after the close of the KISS Monster Tour 2013 show at the Forum of Assago arena.  Reports vary by translation, but the general consensus was that three workers were operating either a fork lift / boom lift or a freight elevator (language translation web sites don't seem to agree on this) to move some scaffolding and crates to the loading dock.  The lift was overloaded and began to oscillate, pitching Farouk into the path of a shifting load where he was crushed.  One of  the other workers, 21, was transported to the hospital with serious injuries and the third was unharmed.

Source : http://theatresafetyblog.blogspot.ca/2013/06/load-out-ends-trgically-for-stage.html

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