Epistemonikos database released in 9 languages

Epistemonikos is a multilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic and Chinese), collaborative and free database of health evidence. Through advanced software, it provides a user-friendly, multilingual search interface. Epistemonikos run searches in multiple databases and a network of collaborators process the information, in order to connect different types of evidence, check accuracy (e.g. if a review is 'systematic'), extract additional information, and translate titles and abstracts. It now includes over 20,000 systematic reviews, and more than 100,000 records (many of them not indexed in PubMed). New records are added every day. Information in the database is interconnected following the principles of Evidence-Based Health Care, which allows users to navigate through different types of evidence (e.g. from a primary study to a systematic review), or to user-friendly structured summaries.

There is detailed information in the website at:
About Epistemonikos  (http://www.epistemonikos.org/en/about_us/)
and at How it works  (http://www.epistemonikos.org/en/how_it_works/)


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