PEROSH paper on sustainable workplaces of the future

PEROSH, the Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health, has published an interesting new paper on 'Sustainable workplaces of the future - European Research Challenges for Occupational Safety and Health'. Via a consultation process, the PEROSH members identified the major trends and future challenges in the world of work and their impact on OSH. They also analysed future research needs, solutions and deliverables that will be necessary in the long run to ensure a healthy working life for Europe's workforce. The consultation of the PEROSH member institutes led to the prioritisation of seven main research challenges that are significantly prevalent and innovative in terms of preventing ill health and occupational accidents.

Source :$FILE/Perosh%20Research%20Cha%2351F19DA.pdf/Perosh%20Research%20Challenges_lowres.pdf

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