Agriculture Sector Action Plan to 2013

Workplace Health and Safety Strategy for New Zealand to 2015
Making a real and sustained reduction in the amount of injury, disease and death in a particular industry is no mean feat – especially when you're talking about one as diverse and complex as agriculture. For a general description of the industry, see Appendix 1. Agricultural work involves a variety of hazards, and countries all over the world have tried to reduce the persistently high rates of fatality, disease and injury that can result.
The agriculture sector has one of the highest levels of workplace injury, disease and fatalities. This action plan sets out how the agriculture sector and the government will work together over the next two years to reduce the work toll (see box below).
It is one of a suite of five sector action plans and an occupational health action plan developed under the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Strategy's National Action Agenda 2010-2013.

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