Preventing catastrophic events in construction

The construction industry recognises the hazardous nature of its activities, and also the high incidence of ill-health amongst its workers, including fatal diseases such as cancer arising from asbestos exposure. However, the industry may not be sufficiently aware of the potential for it to be associated with more major or catastrophic events (those involving multiple deaths and/or significant damage to property and infrastructure). This project, funded by the Health and Safety Executive, has examined these 'low probability but high-consequence' safety hazards by looking at:

  • the types of catastrophic event which have occurred or which might occur during construction;
  • the reasons for occurrence when there have been (or could have been) catastrophic events during construction, including an examination of the
    underlying factors;
  • the controls which should contribute to an avoidance of a catastrophic event; and where the UK construction industry could improve.

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