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The Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies is an international, scientific journal on working life, written in English. The journal is led by an editorial board with 8-15 members from the Nordic countries. Each issue contains 4-6 peer articles. All articles are reviewed by two anonymous referees. Some issues have a specific theme. In addition each issue contains editorial articles, book reviews, debates and announcements. The journal aims to strengthen the exchange of experiences, perspectives, methods and outcome of the Nordic working life research across the Nordic countries and promote Nordic working life research internationally.

The content of the journal is studies concerning changes in work and how these changes affect qualifications, health, occupation, innovation, economy, identity, social orientation and culture. The journal has an interdisciplinary profile.

Most of the articles in the journal have authors from the Nordic countries, however researchers from outside the Nordic region are invited to contribute to the journal to the extent that such contributions challenge the understanding of Nordic conditions.

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