Liberty Mutual Research Institute Annual Report of Scientific Activities 2009

Owned and operated by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Boston, Massachusetts, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety has helped to improve the occupational safety and health of workers for more than 50 years. Through laboratory and field-based studies and global research collaborations, the Research Institute seeks to advance scientific, business-relevant knowledge in workplace and highway safety and workrelated disability. To achieve this mission, the Research Institute operates four multidisciplinary centers:
• Center for Injury Epidemiology
• Center for Physical Ergonomics
• Center for Behavioral Sciences
• Center for Disability Research
Research findings are shared with the worldwide occupational health and safety community through peerreviewed journals and conference presentations. This process ensures scientific validation of our work and supports the greater endeavor expressed in the Liberty Mutual Creed:“…to help people live safer, more secure lives.”

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