WHSC 2009 Annual Report now available online

Says Dave Killham, executive director, Workers Health & Safety Centre, “We’re optimistic as the economy recovers so too will our ability to reach all workers and their representatives who need health and safety training.” Understanding most economic growth comes from small business a key program development effort was the creation of a new program for worker representatives in smaller workplaces. This training program has the potential to extend our reach into workplaces that have been traditionally underserviced. If Ontario’s Expert Advisory Review Panel on Occupational Health and Safety recommends mandatory training for these representatives, this program will become indispensable.
Reaching more broadly still, a major revision to our unique Level 1 health and safety program allows it to be delivered to workers in all Canadian jurisdictions. This is essential training for worker reps wanting to fully exercise their considerable legal rights and expand their skills as health and safety leaders.

Source : http://www.whsc.on.ca/about/curr_iss.cfm

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