Eurofound - Annual work programme 2010

This is the second annual programme of the four-year period and continues Eurofound's work in the following three research focus areas: employment growth and supply of labour in changing labour markets, more and better jobs and higher productivity through partnership, and promotion of social inclusion and sustainable social protection. The 2010 programme gives more emphasis to the impacts of the current economic and financial crisis on the employment, working conditions and quality of life of Europeans. It will include crisis-related research on restructuring, labour markets and wages as analysed by the new European Jobs Monitor and studies on flexicurity. Longer-term impacts of the recession will be examined in the context of the combined effects of recession and demographic change, as well as studies of new forms of corporate ownership and governance; the impacts of the recession on social dialogue structures will also be considered.

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Le programme annuel de travail 2010 est maintenant disponible en français :

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