Afssa-Afsset merger

The creation on 1 July of a national agency responsible for food, environmental and occupational health safety
During a cabinet meeting, the government has adopted an order establishing a new health safety body, combining the French Food Safety Agency (Afssa) and the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (Afsset).
The new, legally created agency, will be operational by 1 July 2010 at the latest, following the publication of an implementing order which is currently being prepared. This new body will take on all of the missions, the funding and the personnel of both of the agencies.
The scientific output of this new institution will be developed around its key fields of activity, and a de facto existing continuum between animal safety and food, the environment and work. By accommodating and being sensitive to their specific features, each of these aforementioned fields of activity will better cover certain problems areas at the crossover between the two agencies, such as water, the health of farm workers, or even chemical products (pesticides, biocides, substances covered by the European REACH regulations).

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