Risk Assessment Tools Database

There are many risk assessment tools and methodologies available to help enterprises and organisations assess their health and safety risks. The choice of method will depend on workplace conditions, for example the number of workers, the type of work activities and equipment, the particular features of the workplace and any specific risks.
The most common risk assessment tools are checklists, which are a useful tool to help identify hazards. Other kinds of risk assessment tools include: guides, guidance documents, handbooks, brochures, questionnaires, and 'interactive tools' (free interactive software, including downloadable applications which are usually sector-specific). These tools can be either generic or branch/risk-specific.
The Agency has developed a risk assessment tools database with tools from all over Europe. The database is regularly updated.
Risk Assessment Tools can be searched for in various ways, including by the topic covered, by sector or by country.

Source : http://osha.europa.eu/en/practical-solutions/risk-assessment-tools/index_html

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