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Psychometric properties evaluation of a new ergonomics-related job factors questionnaire developed for nursing workers
The objectives of this study were to develop a questionnaire that evaluates the perception of nursing workers to job factors that may contribute to musculoskeletal symptoms, and to evaluate its psychometric properties. Internationally recommended methodology was followed: construction of domains, items and the instrument as a whole, content validity, and pre-test. Psychometric properties were evaluated among 370 nursing workers. Construct validity was analyzed by the factorial analysis, known-groups technique, and convergent validity. Reliability was assessed through internal consistency and stability...
Natural History of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Resulting Work Limitations Over 3 Years in a Newly Hired Working Population
Objective: To describe the proportions of workers with upper extremity (UE) symptoms and work limitations because of symptoms in a newly hired working population over a 3-year study period and to describe transitions between various outcome states. Methods: A total of 827 subjects completed repeat self-reported questionnaires including demographics, medical and work history, symptoms, and work status. Outcomes of interest were UE symptoms and work limitations because of symptoms. Results: Up to 72% of workers reported symptoms at least once during the study, with 12% reporting persistent symptoms...
Five easy pieces: Easy-to-use tool helps predict back-pain outcomes
A simple, five-question tool has been developed to help front-line doctors identify those patients with back pain who are at risk of severe and long-term functional limitations and, therefore, potentially in need of more aggressive treatment and follow-up. Five simple questions could help doctors determine early on which patients with back pain need extra attention and which do not. This was the finding of a study led by Dr. Clermont Dionne, director of the Population Health Research Unit (URESP) within the Centre de recherche FRSQ at the Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec...
Questionnaire TMS de l'INRS
Utilisation dans les entreprises de conditionnement du secteur de la parfumerie Le conditionnement dans l'industrie de la parfumerie et de la cosmétique est une activité à fort risque de troubles musculosquelettiques (TMS). Le questionnaire de l'INRS a été utilisé dans 4 entreprises de ce secteur chez 426 salariés. La population concernée est essentiellement féminine, la moyenne d'âge est de 43,4 ans. Les plaintes concernent pour les deux tiers le rachis (cervicalgies, lombalgies...). Un tiers des salariés a...
Working conditions at recycling centres in Sweden
Physical and psychosocial work environment "The number of jobs at recycling centres are increasing, at the same time as there are indications of work environment problems. The aim of this paper was to investigate physical and psychosocial working conditions for employees at recycling centres in Sweden, to describe how they were perceived, to compare differences between subgroups, and further to identify proposals for improvement. Employees at 42 recycling centres (n = 122) responded a postal questionnaire. Of these 32 employees from 16 recycling centres were interviewed, as also their employer...

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