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The impact of workplace ergonomics and neck-specific exercise versus ergonomics and health promotion interventions on office worker productivity
A cluster-randomized trial A 12-week workplace combined ergonomics and neck-specific exercise intervention improves sickness presenteeism and monetized health-related productivity loss among a general population of office workers and longer-term sickness absenteeism for those with neck pain, when compared to ergonomics and health promotion education combined. This study provides employers of office workers sought-after evidence of health-related productivity benefit from such workplace interventions. Source: Pereira, M., Comans, T., Sjøgaard, G., Straker, L., Melloh, M., O'Leary, S....
The Ergonomic Program Implementation Continuum (EPIC): Integration of health and safety
A process evaluation in the healthcare sector INTRODUCTION: This article presents a health and safety intervention model and the use of process evaluation to assess a participatory ergonomic intervention. METHOD: The effectiveness of the Ergonomic Program Implementation Continuum (EPIC) was assessed at six healthcare pilot sites in Ontario, Canada. The model provided a framework to demonstrate evaluation findings. RESULTS: Participants reported that EPIC was thorough and identified improvements related to its use. Participants believed the program contributed to advancing an organizational culture...

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