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The influence of job rotation and task order on muscle responses in females
Job rotation aims to reduce muscle fatigue by switching between functionally different tasks to theoretically lessen the risk of site-specific fatigue and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). The effectiveness of job rotation in mitigating the onset of muscle fatigue is partially known, but there is limited ergonomic data on female populations despite comparatively lower upper body strength and increased risk of WMSDs. Rotating between two functionally different tasks, continuing a single task, and varying task order were assessed in the present study for influence on muscle fatigue...
The biomechanical demands of manual scaling on the shoulders & neck of dental hygienists
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the postural and muscular demands placed on the shoulders and neck of dental hygienists when performing a simulated manual scaling task. Nineteen healthy female dental hygienists performed 30-min of simulated manual scaling on a manikin head in a laboratory setting. Surface electromyography was used to monitor muscle activity from several neck and shoulder muscles, and neck and arm elevation kinematics were evaluated using motion capture. The simulated scaling task resulted in a large range of neck and arm elevation angles and excessive low-level muscular...
Santé, prévention de la pénibilité et parcours professionnel
Les 33es Journées nationales du bâtiment et des travaux publiques (BTP), organisées conjointement par l'AMCO-BTP de Limoges (Association médicale du Centre-Ouest) et le GNMST-BTP (Groupement national multidisciplinaire de santé au travail dans le BTP), avec le soutien de l'Organisme professionnel de prévention du BTP (OPPBTP), se sont déroulées à Limoges du 27 au 29 mai 2015 sur le thème de la pénibilité et de ses conséquences sur l'épaule et le rachis. De nombreuses démarches de...
Physical workload in neck, shoulders and wrists/hands in dental hygienists during a work-day
Physical workload was recorded by electromyography, inclinometry and goniometry for twelve female dental hygienists during authentic work. Their work was, in relation to other types of work, characterised by pronounced head flexion (90th percentile 46°), high loads on the forearm extensor muscles (90th percentile 23% and 18% of maximal EMG (MVE), for the right and left sides, respectively), average loads on trapezius muscles (90th percentile 15% and 14% MVE), average arm elevation (99th percentile 83° and 72°) and average wrist flexion and velocities (50th percentiles 17° of extension...

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