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Comparative analysis of manual handling practices in kerbside collection of recyclable waste
Government targets for reducing waste going to landfill h ave led to an increase in the processing of domestic waste to reclaim recyclable materials. Manual sorting tasks can occur at the kerbside during waste collection and, if poorly designed, can introduce manual handling risks. This report describes research to better understand the kerbside collection and sorting methods currently employed by the waste industry and to determine how manual handling risks can best be reduced or controlled. Six detailed case studies are presented showing a range of vehicles and processes in operation. Manual...
Démarche multidisciplinaire appliquée à l’analyse d’une activité dans un environnement dynamique
La conduite de véhicules légers à La Poste pour la distribution du courrier et des colis Activité complexe différente de la conduite personnelle, la conduite professionnelle de véhicules légers prend une importance croissante dans le secteur de la livraison/messagerie confronté aux nouveaux modes de consommation. Peu étudiés, les risques pour la santé autres que les accidents de la route ont été approchés dans une étude exploratoire multidisciplinaire menée en collaboration avec le groupe...
One Size Does Not Fit All
When your safety and your life depends on it, you need your equipment to fit properly. This is especially true in the workplace. Improper fit may prevent workers from performing their job duties safely and effectively. If your respirator does not seal properly to your face, if your gloves are too big, if your seatbelt cannot buckle with your safety gear on . . . you get the picture. Anthropometry is the science of defining human body dimensions and physical characteristics. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducts anthropometric research to prevent work-related...
Effect of firefighters' personal protective equipment on gait
The biomechanical experiment with eight male and four female firefighters demonstrates that the effect of adding essential equipment: turnout ensemble, self-contained breathing apparatus, and boots (leather and rubber boots), significantly restricts foot pronation. This finding is supported by a decrease in anterior-posterior and medial-lateral excursion of center of plantar pressure (COP) trajectory during walking. The accumulation of this equipment decreases COP velocity and increases foot-ground contact time and stride time, indicating increased gait instability. An increase in the flexing resistance...
Psychophysiological responses in experienced firefighters undertaking repeated self-contained breathing apparatus tasks
In order to safely and effectively extinguish fires and rescue life, firefighters are required to routinely wear self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), yet little is known about the specific physiological and psychological demands associated with repeated exposure to tasks that require SCBA. A total of 12 experienced firefighters took part in a series of commonly encountered SCBA activities: free search, guideline search and live firefighting tasks under room temperature (∼20°C) and extreme heat (∼180°C) conditions to assess changes in heart rate, blood pressure, mood, perceived...
Working conditions at recycling centres in Sweden
Physical and psychosocial work environment "The number of jobs at recycling centres are increasing, at the same time as there are indications of work environment problems. The aim of this paper was to investigate physical and psychosocial working conditions for employees at recycling centres in Sweden, to describe how they were perceived, to compare differences between subgroups, and further to identify proposals for improvement. Employees at 42 recycling centres (n = 122) responded a postal questionnaire. Of these 32 employees from 16 recycling centres were interviewed, as also their employer...

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