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Comparative analysis of manual handling practices in kerbside collection of recyclable waste
Government targets for reducing waste going to landfill h ave led to an increase in the processing of domestic waste to reclaim recyclable materials. Manual sorting tasks can occur at the kerbside during waste collection and, if poorly designed, can introduce manual handling risks. This report describes research to better understand the kerbside collection and sorting methods currently employed by the waste industry and to determine how manual handling risks can best be reduced or controlled. Six detailed case studies are presented showing a range of vehicles and processes in operation. Manual...
Principes ergonomiques pour la conception des cabines de tri des déchets recyclables secs ménagers et assimilés issus des collectes sélectives
Le présent document définit les exigences à intégrer lors de la conception des cabines de tri manuel des déchets recyclables secs ménagers et assimilés issus des collectes sélectives. Ces exigences sont relatives aux structures, aux matériels, aux espaces et aux postes de travail nécessaires pour réaliser l'activité de séparation manuelle de ces déchets effectuée sur des tables de tri en cabine. Source:
Effect of firefighters' personal protective equipment on gait
The biomechanical experiment with eight male and four female firefighters demonstrates that the effect of adding essential equipment: turnout ensemble, self-contained breathing apparatus, and boots (leather and rubber boots), significantly restricts foot pronation. This finding is supported by a decrease in anterior-posterior and medial-lateral excursion of center of plantar pressure (COP) trajectory during walking. The accumulation of this equipment decreases COP velocity and increases foot-ground contact time and stride time, indicating increased gait instability. An increase in the flexing resistance...

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