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Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry
Objectives : This study compared the cost efficiency of observation and inclinometer assessment of trunk and upper-arm inclination in a population of flight baggage handlers, as an illustration of a general procedure for addressing the trade-off between resource consumption and statistical performance in occupational epidemiology. Methods : Trunk and upper-arm inclination with respect to the line of gravity were assessed for three days on each of 27 airport baggage handlers using simultaneous inclinometer and video recordings. Labor and equipment costs associated with data collection and processing...
Body posture as an indicator of workload in mental work
OBJECTIVE: For this article, the relationships between body posture and workload for four mental tasks simulated on a computer were studied. BACKGROUND: Human behaviors are observable during work and are related to human mental activities. A novel supplementary method, based on human behavior but not directly related to task execution, is proposed to assess the workload in mental work situations. METHOD: Body posture was quantitatively analyzed with the use of a video-based analysis system. The distance between a participant's head and the display, the distance between the shoulder and the...
Systematic evaluation of observational methods assessing biomechanical exposures at work
by Takala E-P , Pehkonen I , Forsman M , Hansson G-Å , Mathiassen SE , Neumann WP , Sjøgaard G , Veiersted KB , Westgaard RH , Winkel J Objectives This systematic review aimed to identify published observational methods assessing biomechanical exposures in occupational settings and evaluate them with reference to the needs of different users. Methods We searched scientific databases and the internet for material from 1965 to September 2008. Methods were included if they were primarily based on the systematic observation of work, the observation target was the human body, and the method...

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