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Effectiveness of a vacuum lifting system in reducing spinal load during airline baggage handling
Information on spinal loading for using lift assist systems for airport baggage handling is lacking. We conducted a laboratory study to evaluate a vacuum lift system for reducing lumbar spinal loads during baggage loading/unloading tasks. Ten subjects performed the tasks using the industry average baggage weight of 14.5?kg on a typical two-shelved baggage cart with or without using the lift system (i.e. lifting technique). Repeated measures analysis of variance (2 tasks × 2 shelf heights x 2 techniques) was used. Spinal loads were estimated by an electromyography-driven biomechanical model...
Factors in the design of order picking systems that influence manual handling practices
Order picking can be defined as the retrieval of stock keeping units from a warehouse according to a pick list generated from a customer order prior to the despatch of the completed order to the customer. There is a variety of order picking systems that are used in warehouses and distribution centres and the choice of system will determine the amount and type of manual handling that occurs within those locations. In order to understand the factors that influence the design of order picking systems a literature review was undertaken and telephone interviews were conducted with six industry stakeholders...
Systems thinking applied to safety during manual handling tasks in the transport and storage industry
Injuries resulting from manual handling tasks represent an on-going problem for the transport and storage industry. This article describes an application of a systems theory-based approach, Rasmussen's (1997. Safety Science 27, 183), risk management framework, to the analysis of the factors influencing safety during manual handling activities in a freight handling organisation. Observations of manual handling activities, cognitive decision method interviews with workers (n=27) and interviews with managers (n=35) were used to gather information about three manual handling activities. Hierarchical...
A review of workplace transport safety and HSE commissioned work on manual handling and delivery of goods
The Heath and Safety Laboratory (HSL) was approached by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Workplace Transport programme to carry out a general literature review in the area of workplace transport safety. After discussions to establish the scope of the work, the project team identified that, for completeness of information, a review concerning the related aspect of manual handling and delivery of goods should also be included. This report presents the results of the literature review in the areas of a) workplace transport safety, and b) manual handling and delivery of goods. Source : http:/...

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