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La grande distribution - Dossier
Vaste secteur aux emplois variés, la grande distribution représente l'un des premiers employeurs de France. Marquée par une forte sinistralité, elle a bénéficié d'un plan national d'actions concertées déployé par le réseau Assurance maladie-risques professionnels. Les efforts commencent à payer et un grand nombre d'entreprises restent suivies par les Caisses régionales de santé au travail, afin d'amplifier les actions de prévention en cours. Source: Travail & Sécurité...
Thanksgiving Ergonomics: Reducing material handling injuries with engineering controls
If you haven't purchased your 20 pound Thanksgiving turkey or your 10 pound bag of potatoes rest assured employees at your local grocery stores are busy restocking the shelves each day with your favorite Thanksgiving foods. It‘s hard enough lifting those items into your cart but what about the workers who haul those tons of turkeys, pounds of potatoes, and stock the shelves with green beans, cranberries, and stuffing? Nearly 2.5 million cashiers and stocking clerks are at risk for musculoskeletal injuries that stem from overexertion in grocery stores. According to Liberty Mutual Research...
Manual Handling Risks Grab Irish Authority's Attention
A new guidance document published by the Health and Safety Authority recommends ways to prevent back injuries and strains caused by handling heavy loads or lifting loads to an unsafe height. Ireland's Health and Safety Authority has posted a guidance document to help retail establishments prevent back injuries and strains that could result from manual handling of pallets, heavy boxes, and bulky consumer products at point of purchase, such as cases of bottled water. The agency noted that some work at retail establishments may involve a significant amount of physical activity, which can be hazardous...

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