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Sex Differences in Glenohumeral Muscle Activation and Coactivation During a Box Lifting Task
Manual material handling is associated with shoulder musculoskeletal disorders, especially for women. Sex differences in glenohumeral muscle activity may contribute to women's higher injury risk by affecting shoulder load and stability. We assessed the effects of sex (25 women vs 26 men) and lifting load (6 kg vs 12 kg) on muscle activation during box lifting from hip to eye level. Surface and intramuscular electromyography were recorded from 10 glenohumeral muscles. Most muscles were more activated for the heavier box and for women. These effects were larger for “prime...
Cinématique et modélisation biomécanique de l’épaule lors de tâches de manutention
De récentes revues de la littérature épidémiologique montrent que travailler avec les bras en position levée augmente la probabilité de développer des troubles musculosquelettiques (TMS) aux épaules. Bien que l’origine et les mécanismes de TMS à l’épaule manquent d’évidence dans la littérature scientifique, réaliser une tâche avec les bras en position levée cause un chargement de la musculature de l’épaule plus important. Cependant, peu d’éléments...
Cost-efficient assessment of biomechanical exposure in occupational groups, exemplified by posture observation and inclinometry
Objectives : This study compared the cost efficiency of observation and inclinometer assessment of trunk and upper-arm inclination in a population of flight baggage handlers, as an illustration of a general procedure for addressing the trade-off between resource consumption and statistical performance in occupational epidemiology. Methods : Trunk and upper-arm inclination with respect to the line of gravity were assessed for three days on each of 27 airport baggage handlers using simultaneous inclinometer and video recordings. Labor and equipment costs associated with data collection and processing...
Estimating dynamic external hand forces during manual materials handling based on ground reaction forces and body segment accelerations
Direct measurement of hand forces during assessment of manual materials handling is infeasible in most field studies and some laboratory studies (e.g., during patient handling). Therefore, this study proposed and evaluated the performance of a novel hand force estimation method based on ground reaction forces (GRFs) and body segment accelerations. Ten male subjects performed a manual lifting/carrying task while an optoelectronic motion tracking system measured 3D full body kinematics, a force plate measured 3D GRFs and an instrumented box measured 3D hand forces. The estimated 3D hand forces were...

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