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Pour quelles raisons la formation aux techniques sécuritaires de manutention ne fonctionne-t-elle pas?
Revue critique de la littérature La formation en manutention fait l'objet de nombreuses demandes de la part des milieux de travail. Or, malgré leur abondante diffusion, ces formations voient leur efficacité remise en cause par cinq méta-analyses publiées entre 2007 et 2014. La consultation de ces revues de la littérature ne permet pas de comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles il en est ainsi puisque les formations recensées – et dont on tente d'évaluer l'efficacité – n'y sont pas décrites, ou alors...
Injury rates before and after the implementation of a safe resident handling program in the long-term care sector
Manual resident handling (RH) tasks increase risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) for clinical staff in nursing homes. To reduce the incidence and cost of MSDs, a large healthcare corporation instituted a Safe Resident Handling Program (SRHP) comprising purchase of mechanical lifting equipment, worker training, and detailed usage/maintenance protocols. The program was initially administered by a third-party company; after three years, program responsibility shifted to individual centers. Workers' compensation claim rates were compared before and after SRHP implementation. Claims and FTEs...
Manual Handling Risks Grab Irish Authority's Attention
A new guidance document published by the Health and Safety Authority recommends ways to prevent back injuries and strains caused by handling heavy loads or lifting loads to an unsafe height. Ireland's Health and Safety Authority has posted a guidance document to help retail establishments prevent back injuries and strains that could result from manual handling of pallets, heavy boxes, and bulky consumer products at point of purchase, such as cases of bottled water. The agency noted that some work at retail establishments may involve a significant amount of physical activity, which can be hazardous...

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