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Neck posture during lifting and its effect on trunk muscle activation and lumbar spine posture
Neck and head posture have been found to have a significant influence on the posture of the lower spine region during lifting and both an extended/upward gaze and a flexed/downward gaze have been hypothesized to lead to increased pain and/or overuse of the neck musculature. As a result, strength training recommendations have turned to the use of a retracted neck posture as being the safer posture to assume during lifting. This study examined trunk and neck muscle activity and lumbar spine posture in seven participants while performing moderate load lifts using a retracted neck posture (chin drawn...
Risk of neck musculoskeletal disorders among males and females in lifting exertions
Work-related neck disorders are common among various occupational groups. Despite clear epidemiological evidence for the association of these disorders with forceful arm exertions, the effect of such exertions on the biomechanical behavior of the neck muscles is currently not well understood. In this study, the effect of lifting tasks on the biomechanical loading of neck muscles was investigated for males and females. Twenty-six participants (13 males and 13 females) performed bi-manual isometric lifting tasks at knuckle, elbow, shoulder, and overhead heights by exerting 25%, 50%, and 75% of their...

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