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Comparative analysis of manual handling practices in kerbside collection of recyclable waste
Government targets for reducing waste going to landfill h ave led to an increase in the processing of domestic waste to reclaim recyclable materials. Manual sorting tasks can occur at the kerbside during waste collection and, if poorly designed, can introduce manual handling risks. This report describes research to better understand the kerbside collection and sorting methods currently employed by the waste industry and to determine how manual handling risks can best be reduced or controlled. Six detailed case studies are presented showing a range of vehicles and processes in operation. Manual...
Intégrer la prévention des risques professionnels dès la conception des équipements d'aide à la manutention des personnes
Les risques professionnels encourus par les utilisateurs d'équipements d'aide à la manutention des personnes ne sont pas toujours bien pris en compte lors de leur conception. À travers l'exemple du Milo, un équipement d'aide au transfert de personnes et à la toilette, l'INRS a élaboré des recommandations pour intégrer la prévention de ces risques dès la conception des aides techniques et limiter ainsi les efforts liés à leur utilisation. Source: Gille, S., Kerangueven, L. (2017). Hygiène...
Factors in the design of order picking systems that influence manual handling practices
Order picking can be defined as the retrieval of stock keeping units from a warehouse according to a pick list generated from a customer order prior to the despatch of the completed order to the customer. There is a variety of order picking systems that are used in warehouses and distribution centres and the choice of system will determine the amount and type of manual handling that occurs within those locations. In order to understand the factors that influence the design of order picking systems a literature review was undertaken and telephone interviews were conducted with six industry stakeholders...

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