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Comparative analysis of manual handling practices in kerbside collection of recyclable waste
Government targets for reducing waste going to landfill h ave led to an increase in the processing of domestic waste to reclaim recyclable materials. Manual sorting tasks can occur at the kerbside during waste collection and, if poorly designed, can introduce manual handling risks. This report describes research to better understand the kerbside collection and sorting methods currently employed by the waste industry and to determine how manual handling risks can best be reduced or controlled. Six detailed case studies are presented showing a range of vehicles and processes in operation. Manual...
A structural equation modelling method to describe work environment risk factors and musculoskeletal symptoms among hospital nurses
OBJECTIVES: Epidemiological studies have shown that musculoskeletal symptoms are frequent occupational injury and disability among nurses in developing countries. Preventive measures were not able to reduce musculoskeletal disorders significantly in nursing profession. This study was performed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the association among risk factors in developing musculoskeletal symptoms. METHOD: A structural equation model was applied to describe and analyse complex causal relationships from sets of occupational variables involved in musculoskeletal symptoms. A questionnaire...
An investigation into the use of plasterboard manual handling aids in construction
The purpose of this report is to investigate the manual handling and work related risk factors for MSD associated with the installation of plasterboard, and to evaluate the impact of manual handling aids in terms of risk reduction and the time taken to install plasterboard. Source :
Lower limb MSD
Relative to work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremity and lower back area, much less investigative focus has been placed on the prevention of lower limb musculoskeletal disorders and injury (LLD) in the workplace. This work was commissioned to examine more closely the nature and extent of workplace lower limb problems and the causal agents with the aim of informing evidence based guidance and advice for workers and employers. It had the following objectives: • To identify the nature and extent of work related LLD that are suffered by workers as well as key risk factors...

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