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A structural equation modelling method to describe work environment risk factors and musculoskeletal symptoms among hospital nurses
OBJECTIVES: Epidemiological studies have shown that musculoskeletal symptoms are frequent occupational injury and disability among nurses in developing countries. Preventive measures were not able to reduce musculoskeletal disorders significantly in nursing profession. This study was performed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the association among risk factors in developing musculoskeletal symptoms. METHOD: A structural equation model was applied to describe and analyse complex causal relationships from sets of occupational variables involved in musculoskeletal symptoms. A questionnaire...
Effect of systematic ergonomic hazard identification and control implementation on musculoskeletal disorder and injury risk
Objectives: This study aimed to examine the effect of an ergonomic hazard control (HC) initiative, undertaken as part of a company ergonomics standard, on worker injury risk. Methods: Using the company's ergonomic hazards database to identify jobs with and without ergonomic HC implementation and linking to individual job and injury histories, injury risk among person-jobs with HC implementation (the HC group) was compared to those with without HC (NoHC group) using random coefficient models. Further analysis of the HC group was conducted to determine the effect of additional ergonomic hazards...

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