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Ergonomic and psychosocial factors and musculoskeletal complaints in public sector administration
A joint monitoring approach with analysis of association Administration entails a high level of computerization with multiple risk factors (including psychosocial and of ergonomic nature), affecting worker health and well-being. An ergonomics researcher supported by a senior ergonomist and guided by a domain specific checklist assessed physical ergonomics of an organization, including 96 administrative workers in the assessment. Unstructured observations and interviews to the workers were also done. Socio-demographic, musculoskeletal health and psychosocial job data was collected from a composite...
Manual handling risks to midwives associated with birthing pools literature review and incident analysis
This report describes research into the manual handling related risks to midwives associated with providing care to women choosing to use a birthing pool for labour and/or birth at home and in hospital. The research comprised: a review of incidents reported to the Health and Safety Executive, a literature review and familiarisation visits to include discussions with midwives to identify current practices and procedures. The manual handling risks are likely to result from the position of the mother in the pool, as well as from the position of the midwife whilst undertaking tasks at the birthing...
Une nouvelle norme pour améliorer les conditions de travail des caissiers et caissières
Afin d'améliorer les conditions de travail des caissiers et caissières, de réduire les risques, une nouvelle norme AFNOR est désormais disponible pour améliorer l'ergonomie des postes de travail. Tendinites, douleurs dorsales et cervicales, troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS), stress… sont quelques-unes des nombreuses pathologies qui frappent les caissiers et caissières. Il devenait urgent de s'intéresser au problème. Ainsi, la nouvelle norme AFNOR NF X35-701 s'applique à l'ergonomie des postes de travail...

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