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Can beliefs about musculoskeletal pain and work be changed at the national level?
Prospective evaluation of the Danish national Job & Body campaign Using a mixture of networking activities, workplace visits and a mass media campaign, the Danish national Job & Body health campaign improved beliefs about musculoskeletal pain and work among public-sector employees in Denmark. Intensive and long-term national campaigns may be a strategically important tool against musculoskeletal disorders and their consequences in the population. Source: Andersen, L. L., Geisle, N., & Knudsen, B. (2017). Scand J Work Environ Health .
Temporal patterns of sitting at work are associated with neck–shoulder pain in blue-collar workers
A cross-sectional analysis of accelerometer data in the DPHACTO study BACKGROUND: Our aim was to examine the extent to which temporal patterns of sitting during occupational work and during leisure-time, assessed using accelerometry, are associated with intense neck-shoulder pain (NSP) in blue-collar workers. METHODS: The population consisted of 659 Danish blue-collar workers. Accelerometers were attached to the thigh, hip, trunk and upper dominant arm to measure sitting time and physical activity across four consecutive days. Temporal sitting patterns were expressed separately for work and leisure...
Effectiveness of workplace interventions in the prevention of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms
An update of the evidence The burden of disabling musculoskeletal pain and injuries (musculoskeletal disorders, MSDs) arising from work-related causes in many workplaces remains substantial. There is little consensus on the most appropriate interventions for MSDs. Our objective was to update a systematic review of workplace-based interventions for preventing and managing upper extremity MSD (UEMSD). We followed a systematic review process developed by the Institute for Work & Health and an adapted best evidence synthesis. 6 electronic databases were searched (January 2008 until April 2013 inclusive...

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