Value Stream Maps - Improving Procurement of Ergonomic Office Equipment

This article presents research that shows how value stream maps (VSMs) were used to document the procurement process for office equipment to establish better methods of helping users obtain equipment to reduce the risk of overuse injuries in their office jobs.
• The research consisted of two parts: 1) a survey to employees regarding office equipment; and 2) three focus groups with employees who were active in the procurement process. VSMs of the current process were created from the survey data and improved with focus group input.
• The benefits of using a VSM include obtaining user input, creating better documentation and offering recommendations to streamline the process.
• VSMs are recommended as a structured way for OSH professionals to obtain information about user needs and ways to improve processes to reduce workplace injuries.

Source: Hayden, M. A. et Schwerha, D. J. (2019). Professional Safety, 64(5), 53-58.

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