Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders, a tri-sector exploration

High rates of WRMSD-related sick leave put pressure on employers and businesses, hitting their bottom lines and potentially leading to understaffing, reduced productivity and lower staff morale. Directly affected workers not only suffer pain but also consequences that can be felt across their working, home and social lives.
The construction, healthcare and transportation and storage industries were selected as the focus of this research because they have significantly higher rates of WRMSDs compared with the average rate for all industry. Qualitative research was commissioned to:
- Explore what employers and workers knew about WRMSDs and regulation.
- Explore employers' attitudes and perceptions of WRMSDs, their approaches to prevention and management and what was limiting engagement with health and safety issues.
- Explore the journeys of workers and how they have managed health challenges in relation to WRMSDs.
- Uncover the needs of ‘both sides' to highlight barriers and opportunities regarding future intervention, communication and campaign strategies.
- Understand current workplace practice and inspire improvements in WRMSD prevention and management.


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