Musculoskeletal disorders of agricultural workers in the greenhouses of Almería (Southeast Spain)

In southeast Spain (Almería), we find the highest concentration of greenhouse crops in Europe, an agricultural sector that directly employs 55,000 people. The objective of this research was to evaluate the musculoskeletal working conditions of greenhouse workers through the standardized Nordic questionnaire. This questionnaire presents 28 multiple choice questions referring to different parts of the body. A total of 1002 questionnaires were completed, and information was collected on nine socio-demographic variables for each worker: sex, age, height, weight, surface area, cultivation, staking, greenhouse and nationality. Although the results show a high overall rate of symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), these findings do not mean that the workers are unable to perform agricultural tasks.

Source: López-Aragón, L., López-Liria, R., Callejón-Ferre, Á. J. et Pérez-Alonso, J. (2018). Safety Science, 109, 219-235.

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