Association of objectively measured occupational walking and standing still with low back pain

A cross-sectional study
Objectives: This cross-sectional study investigated the association of objectively measured walking and standing still time at work with low back pain (LBP) intensity among blue-collar workers. Design: A cross-sectional study. Methods: 187 workers attached two accelerometers for diurnal standing still and walking measurements, which were categorised using tertiles. Workers' self-reported LBP intensity (scale 0–9) was categorised into low (0–5) and high pain (6–9). Results: Of the 187 workers, 17% reported a high level of LBP. Results of the multi-adjusted logistic regression analysis demonstrated a negative association between walking and high LBP intensity (OR 0.24 CL 95% 0.07 to 0.79). The results between standing still and high LBP intensity were mixed and non-significant. Conclusion: Blue-collar workers who walk more at work tend to have low LBP. These results should be verified using objective measures in a prospective design.

Source: Nielsen CM, Gupta N, Knudsen LE, et al. Ergonomics, 2016.

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